Hideg Nyalat

The Hideg Nyalat brand was born to prove healthy products can be super TASTY as well!

Every single product of us is Paleo & Vegan. They are all sugar-, dairy-, gluten-, soy-, and egg free, therefore people with diabetes, food allergies or food intolerances can consume them as well. They are the perfect & tasty alternatives for people who would like to lose weight and also for health conscious people who try to AVOID preservatives, and artificial colourings.
Our products are made from 100% natural ingredients that are healthy and delicious at the same time!

Las Vegan’s


Las Vegan’s was established in december 2016.

We started out with a vegan street food restaurant primarly with hamburgers. Years pass by and now you can find not only hamburgers, but burger plates, smoothies, wedges and sweet potato fries and even many different sauces to go with you burgers as well.

NAPFÉNYES Confectionary and Restaurant


healthy and delicious plant-based food and desserts

We have been preparing delicious treats for those pursuing vegan lifestyles, for 15 years in the case of our restaurant, and 8 years in the case of the confectionery. Our restaurant and confectionery cater to the adherents of healthy lifestyles as well as those looking for traditional flavors. All of our products contain solely plant-based base ingredients and thus do not contain milk, dairy products, eggs, preservatives, refined sugar, artificial coloring or treatment agents.
Our products are available at various downtown locations and even in Buda:
District VI Bajcsy-Zsilinszky út 65. (Nyugati tér)
District V Ferenciek tere 2. (On the corner of Curia and Veres Pálné utca)
District III Kiskorona u. 8.

Vegan Street

Vegan Street enriches the vegan sweet market of Budapest from November

The confectionery, located in the 10th district of the city,
offers pastry making workshops regularly. Besides veganism, we also
consider the needs of customers with strict diets or various food
intolerances. For them, a wide range of options is provided, including
sugar and gluten-free products.

Vegan Garden is the world's first plant-based food yard, motivated by veganism and sustainability.