Vegan Garden is the first plant-based food yard in Hungary and to our knowledge in the world as well. We will have a vegan version of all of the followings: a pub, a burger bar, vegan pizzas, a one-course dish bar, an ice-cream bar, a cookie booth and even Mexican dishes.

We would like to host weekend markets, workshops and a lot of events that are connected to veganism, sustainability and plant-based nutrition.
We are committed to environmental issues and charity as well.
We are located in the 7th district, Budapest, in the yard of Rácskert. Our collaboration with Rácskert resulted in our hosts' change in the supply of drinks as a commitment to the vegan and plant-based principles. All drinks served at Rácskert will be vegan.

Opening: June 1, 2018
On this day we will hold the draw of all our games so far together with our press event.
As of 1st May (we are open from 11:00 - 23:00) we will begin our service, however, the list of the contributing restaurants will not be available yet. Therefore, we would like to ask you to read the below schedule so we can prevent any disappointments.

  • 1 May: Hideg Nyalat ice-cream bar begins it's service and from this date, you can enjoy the burgers from Las Vegan's as well.
  • 25 May: The vegan confectionery, Vegan Street opens.
  • 30 May: The opening of the Napfényes restaurant.

We are also gonna have a vegan pizzeria and a vegan Mexican food truck as well, we'll post about them as soon as they've arrived to our food yard!
We reserve the right for future modifications.