The Hideg Nyalat brand was born to prove healthy products can be super TASTY as well!

In Hungary it was the first company to create its product line completely sugar-, dairy-, gluten-, soy-, and egg free, from 100% natural ingredients!

3 years ago we started as a small family business, producing only vegan ice creams. Thanks to the highest quality standards and incredible flavors, these artisan ice creams soon became very popular. The reputation of them was growing very fast, which was an obvious sign for product development. Soon we added 13 more flavors to the original 5. We introduced flavors such as Brownie, or Raspberry cheesecake ice cream, which haven’t existed before on the vegan ice cream market. Later on, we launched a new product line for cakes, and then coconut yogurts. Our coconut yogurts are absolutely unique in the whole world. They contain 7 types of live bacteria and prebiotics. In 100ml there are minimum 70 billions of good bacteria that help to reduce inflammation in your intestines and help your digestion. From all the vegan yogurts on the market, our coconut yogurts contain the highest number of good bacterias. However, our product revolution did not stop here. In 2017 we launched the first Nacho sauce on the market that does not contain any preservatives, coloring or artificial ingredients AND its 100% vegan.

By now, we can proudly state that the Hideg Nyalat brand became the symbol of trust and quality in Hungary. Customers can be sure that every single product is completely allergen free, 100% natural, made from only the highest quality ingredients.



Las Vegan’s was established in december 2016.

We started out with a vegan street food restaurant primarly with hamburgers. Years pass by and now you can find not only hamburgers, but burger plates, smoothies, wedges and sweet potato fries and even many different sauces to go with you burgers as well.

When it comes to street food we make a special part of it called: food truck. Due to this we can change our places and go to many different festivals and markets where we met new people and learn from them. Our first food truck opened in one of Budapest most popular place: Karavan Street Food (Kazinczy Street 18.) shortly followed our second at Allee Street Food and our third food truck at Vegan Garden. There are our three fix places, but you can also find us at many different markets and festivals throughout the year.

We are a small family run business where everyone is helping each other’s work. We are pleased to welcome You all, come in and have a delicious meal, we are happy to serve you!



healthy and delicious plant-based food and desserts

We have been preparing delicious treats for those pursuing vegan lifestyles, for 15 years in the case of our restaurant, and 8 years in the case of the confectionery. Our restaurant and confectionery cater to the adherents of healthy lifestyles as well as those looking for traditional flavors. All of our products contain solely plant-based base ingredients and thus do not contain milk, dairy products, eggs, preservatives, refined sugar, artificial coloring or treatment agents.

We provide the reinterpreted, vegan, cane sugar-based versions of a range of dishes, pastries and cakes which are originally made with refined sugar, eggs and milk (including gyros, nachos with cheese sauce, grilled sausages, mille-feuille, cottage cheese bundles, etc.). 
We offer a wide selection of sandwiches, salads, soups, leavened, mixed, puff and savory pastries, sponge cakes, cup desserts and cookies.

For diabetes or dietary indications, we offer Xylitol and agave syrup-based desserts. 
We also sell a wide range of seasonal dairy-free ice cream sold in spelt flour cones (including sugar-free, Xylitol and stevia-based ice cream)! We also cater to the needs to those with food intolerances with our range of gluten-free goods. All of our products are suitable for those with lactose intolerance!
Our pastries contain no caffeine and theine and thus are made with grain coffee and carob instead of regular coffee and cocoa.
For this reason, our products are entirely suitable for children.

We firmly believe that every animal-based dish has a healthy, plant-based alternative. We have been developing these for years in order to make sure our customers are satisfied with the flavor as well as the ingredients of our goods.

Our products are available at various downtown locations and even in Buda:

District VI Bajcsy-Zsilinszky út 65. (Nyugati tér)

District V Ferenciek tere 2. (On the corner of Curia and Veres Pálné utca)

District III Kiskorona u. 8.



Vegan Street enriches the vegan sweet market of Budapest

We assure quality with biomaterial, home-made jam and with the use of
fresh fruit in our products. Obviously, in addition to these
components, we believe that taste and aesthetics are equally as
important. We welcome unique orders with open arms, be it a new flavor
or a favorite hero on the top of the cake. Baking is art for us. We
aspire to make your special occasions more remarkable with our
products and strive to bring color to your everyday life with the
desserts we make. Our pastry is not just the third dish on your menu.
We believe that tasteful bites can create an experience.

Our goal is to endear vegan and all-free pastry with people, who are
still at the beginning of learning about this way of life. The recipes
we use were developed to be vegan from traditional, handed down
recipes, for years now. This way we are able to safeguard and preserve
the conventional and domesticated fl vor we know. The aim is to make
vegan and healthy desserts more available to the public.

We are grateful for every question and opinion, as well as valuable
feedback from our customers. It enables us to widen the variety of our
products while catering to all needs. We attempt to make the first
step with a monthly renewed product list and seasonal offers and hope
that many future customers will try our desserts and give a chance to
 a new world of taste.